Below you will find examples of some of the work we do - large and small. Homeowners, property managers, businesses, schools, governments... we do sewer work for everyone!

Hebrew Union College Sewer Repair

We provided sewer repair on a short section of corroded sewer line for Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles.

Marina City Club Sewer Repair

We are highly-experienced in complex, large-scale sewer repair! We recently replaced a cracked and corroded sewer line for these beautiful apartment condos in Marina Del Ray.

City Sewer Main Repair

Set up inside our traffic control area, we safely work to expose the city's sewer main. Our Vermeer vacuum unit allows us to safely excavate without causing damage to the city's utility lines; in this case, the city's fiber optic lines. This sewer main was replaced with trenchless sewer technology.

Failed Sewage Ejection System

This sewage ejection system failed and caused a sewage flood due to the wrong type of pipe being installed by the previous contractor. Always hire an experienced, trusted, licensed sewer professional!

Residential Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Trenchless sewer repair was the best option for this homeowner's collapsed sewer line. Trenchless sewer replacement not only saved the customer money, but helped protect their property from the excessive damage that traditional trench sewer repair would have caused. This is not always the case! Trenchless vs. traditional sewer repair and replacement is a case-by-case basis. We are highly-experienced at helping customers identify the best solution.

Residential Sewer Repair

Here is just one example of when traditional sewer repair is the appropriate solution. Only a short section of corroded sewer line, buried under a slab, needed replacement. We identified the problem with sewer camera inspection and finished the job to the end, including repaving.

Industrial Sewer Repair

In addition to residential and commercial sewer repair, we can handle industrial sewer repair projects, as seen in here, in this warehouse that needed to have it's concrete slab floor trenched. We handle the whole job from start to finish.